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Expert Presentations

Immunosuppressant Cycling – Dr Richard Woolf  

Watch Dr Woolf discuss the impact of immunosuppressant cycling in people with moderate-to severe AD. 

Video Playtime 3mins 01secs


IL-4 in Type 2 Inflammation – Dr Alan Irvine  

Watch Dr Irvine discuss the role of IL-4 in AD.

Video Playtime 1min 46secs

Immunological targets – Dr Richard Woolf  

Watch Dr Woolf discuss the immunological targets at play in AD.  

Video Playtime 3mins 39secs

Absence of monitoring requirement with DUPIXENT - Dr Thurein Ne Win

Watch Dr Thurein Ne Win discuss the benefits of non monitoring with DUPIXENT.  

Video Playtime 2mins 34secs

RELIEVE-AD Results, long-term (3 years) treatment with DUPIXENT - Dr Stephan Weidinger

Watch Dr Weidinger present 3-year results from RELIEVE-AD Data.

Video Playtime 1min 37secs

Needle Phobia – Dr Tim Clayton  

Watch Dr Clayton discuss needle phobia in adolescents and children with atopic dermatitis.

Video Playtime 4mins 14secs

Dupixent in patients as young as 6 months old with severe AD - expert panel discussion

Watch a panel of experts discuss the practicalities of using DUPIXENT in children aged <12 years through real-world case studies. 

Video Playtime: 48mins 36secs 

Patient Case Studies

Patient Case Study IS Cycling - Dr Richard Woolf

Watch Dr Woolf present a clinical case study of DUPIXENT use. 

Video Playtime 3mins 12secs 

DUPIXENT use in a 3-year-old patient - Dr. Gabriela Petrof

Watch Dr. Gabriela Petrof present a case study of the use of DUPIXENT in a 3-year-old patient with severe atopic dermatitis.

Video Playtime: 7mins 12secs 

DUPIXENT use in a child patient with severe AD - Dr. Inge Kreuser-Genis & Emily King

Watch Dr. Inge Kreuser-Genis and Emily King present a clinical case study of the use of DUPIXENT in an 8 year old patient with severe atopic dermatitis.

Video Playtime: 13mins 48secs

Conjunctivitis Management

Conjunctivitis Management - Mr Scott Robbie

Watch Mr Scott Robbie discuss management of conjunctivitis in AD patients.

Video Playtime 1min 45secs

Guy's and St Thomas' Conjunctivitis Patient Pathway - Mr Scott Robbie

Watch Mr Scott Robbie present the Guy’s and St Thomas’ conjunctivitis patient pathway.

Video Playtime 4mins 24secs

Patient Guides

Please click below for available patient guides for patients prescribed with Dupixent: 

Atopic Dermatitis Control Tool (ADCT)
Photo of the paper ADCT test

Atopic Dermatitis Control Test (ADCT)

Atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema, may be affecting your patient’s life in more ways than you know.

The ADCT gives a measure of how controlled your patient’s eczema is. Use these 6 concise questions to evaluate all dimensions of atopic dermatitis control.

Try the ADCT

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