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Welcome to your Health System Collaboration Portal. Whether you are focused on population health management, service design or budget planning, you can find here tools to address health inequalities and improve patient outcomes. Get quick access to product information, useful resources from therapy support to treatment guidelines, formulary and service support across various therapy areas.

Our field representatives are here to offer you a personalized support: from improving access to healthcare services to capability building, our team can help design and implement strategies to reduce inequalities in your region.

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Let’s Be Sustainable

The NHS is one of the world’s first healthcare systems to explicitly put sustainability in its targets which, as a committed NHS partner, we are supporting in numerous ways.

Formulary and Service Support

Resources designed to inform, aid and give you a higher level of insight into specific therapy areas, and to help you design and implement strategies to reduce inequalities in healthcare.

Sanofi undertakes collaborative working projects for the benefit of patients and/or the NHS. These projects are entirely non promotional and are not linked in any way to any of our products.

Let's Be Collaborative and Transformative

Explore collaborative working case studies and discover how Sanofi has been working in partnership with the NHS to deliver optimised care across the UK.

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