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The NHS is one of the world’s first healthcare systems to explicitly put sustainability in its targets which. As a committed NHS partner, we’re supporting in numerous ways. These include providing carbon reduction plans in our NHS tenders at the same time as tackling climate change and accelerating the reduction of our own environmental impact across the business.​

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RePen Programme

Sanofi launched the Repen programme in 2024. This pilot programme forms part of Sanofi’s commitment to environmental protection. The used pens are posted back for recycling, free of charge to be recycled into metal, glass and plastic furniture. 

Read more on the Repen recycling initiative that saves thousands of tonnes of waste each year.

How is Sanofi building a sustainable environment? 

Sanofi is working to minimise the impacts of its activities and medicines on the environment through its Planet Care environmental sustainability programme, an approach that engages everyone at Sanofi.

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