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hepatitis A vaccine (inactivated, adsorbed)

Available in single doses and multipacks of 10 doses


AVAXIM® is an inactivated vaccine indicated for active immunisation against infection caused by the hepatitis A virus.

 Before you prescribe this vaccine please refer to the SmPC.

AVAXIM is available in single doses and multipacks of 10 doses.

Why help protect your patients with AVAXIM® Vaccine?

  • Hepatitis A remains one of the most common travel-related vaccine preventable diseases, although, the incidence in travellers is declining.1
  • Hepatitis A is caused by a virus which is usually acquired through the consumption of food or water contaminated by human faeces. Foods such as undercooked meat and fish can be a risk as well as foods that grow close to the ground such as lettuce and strawberries. It can also be acquired through person to person contact.1
  • The risk of acquiring hepatitis A is highest in low-income countries with poor sanitary conditions. Regions where hepatitis A is highly endemic include the Indian sub-continent (particularly Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan), Sub-Saharan and North Africa, parts of the Far East (except Japan), South and Central America and the Middle East.1
  • There is no specific treatment for hepatitis A but risk can be reduced by following advice on food and water hygiene, and by ensuring good personal hygiene.1



0.5 ml prefilled syringe 

Available in 1 and 10 syringe packs

Schedule1 dose
Further doseIn order to provide long-term protection, a second dose (booster) of an inactivated hepatitis A vaccine should be given. The second dose is preferably given between 6 and 12 months but may be administered up to 36 months after the first dose
Age range16 years +
Ways to order

You can order Sanofi Vaccines in two ways: online at VAXISHOP or through our call centre. 

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