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30 years supporting HCPs in the VTE management

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Clexane is in stock in the UK across all doses and we are confident in our ability to supply. If you are experiencing issues with stock, please contact Customer service on 0800 854 430.

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Patient Supporting Materials

Administration, devices and doses

Educational resources

Indication & mechanism of action


Patient Supporting Materials

Administration, devices and doses

Educational resources

Indication & mechanism of action


The only LMWH with ERIS device & Dividella packaging1-5

ERIS Device

Automatic release of the safety mechanism when the plunger is fully depressed.

Dividella Packaging

  • Reduced-sized box

  • Free of plastic blisters

  • QR code to Patient Website

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Social value and net zero in NHS procurement

Procurement is key to meeting net-zero targets and further incorporating social value into the health service. Read more on creating a sustainable LMWH market.

Concerned about LMWH supply In The UK?

We hold supply of Clexane above the minimum expectation set by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). We are confident in our ability to supply the anticipated demand throughout 2023.

Access the Social Value and Net Zero section to understand more about the production of heparins and the challenges of their supply.

Summary of Clexane supporting materials

Are you aware of what Clexane is providing to your patients and HCPs? Download a summary of the Clexane supporting materials​

Switching to Clexane?

Download a simple checklist to support an efficient introduction of Clexane to your trust​

  1. Clexane Patient Information leaflet (December 2021)
  2. Fragmin Graduated Syringe 10,000 IU/ml patient information leaflet (October 2020)
  3. Tinzaparin sodium syringe 10,000 IU/ml patient information leaflet (September 2020)
  4. Inhixa patient information leaflet (March 2022)
  5. Arovi 10,000 IU/ml patient information leaflet (November 2018)
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