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yellow fever vaccine (Live)


STAMARiL® is indicated for active immunization against yellow fever in persons:

  • travelling to, passing through or living in an area where there is a current or periodic risk of yellow fever transmission
  • travelling to any country that requires an International Certificate of Vaccination for entry (which may or may not depend on the previous itinerary)
  • handling potentially infectious materials (e.g. laboratory personnel).

Before you prescribe this vaccine please refer to the SmPC.3

Why help protect your patients with STAMARiL?

Yellow fever is a potentially fatal viral infection spread between monkeys and humans via the bite from an infected mosquito.1,2 It is found in tropical parts of Central and South America and sub-Saharan Africa.2

STAMARiL provides at least 10 years’ protection against yellow fever from around 10 days after vaccination with one single 0.5 mL dose. The duration of protection may be lifelong.


Presentation0.5 ml prefilled diluent syringe + vial of lyophilised powder Available in 1 vial + 1 syringe packs
Schedule1 dose
Further doseThe duration of protection following administration of one 0.5ml dose of STAMARiL is expected to be at least 10 years and may be life-long. Re-vaccination (one single 0.5ml dose) as per SmPC, may be needed in some individuals who had an insufficient immune response after their primary vaccination if they continue to be at risk for yellow fever virus infection. Re-vaccination may also be required, depending on official recommendations of local Health Authorities, as a condition of entry in some countries.1
Age range9 months +

For information about administration in children from 6 to 9 months of age, and in persons over 60 years of age, please refer to the SmPC.
In 2017 and 2018 we received 2 reports of fatal adverse reactions to the yellow fever vaccine (STAMARiL). Due to an increased risk of life-threatening reactions, the vaccine must not be given to anyone with a medical history of thymus dysfunction or who is immunosuppressed. In addition, extreme caution must be used and a careful risk assessment conducted before vaccination of people aged 60 years and older due to a substantially increased risk of such adverse reactions in this age group.4
Ways to order

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